New album ‘Music for Imajaghan’ released!

17 Mar 2014 le petit gerhard In Music


I’m so exited to show you my new album ‘Music for Imajaghan’ made especially for the dancer Illan Rivière.


You can listen and buy it on my bandcamp page:

And stay tuned to a new exclusive song made for the Tribal Fest 2014! Coming soon!


Here you can see Illan Riviere performing on of my songs included in the album, ‘Varanasi’, at the show organized by Alhazar at Teatre Bartrina from Reus, Catalonia, Spain, on February 9th, 2014.


Illan Riviere performing ‘Varanasi’ from ‘Music for Imajaghan’, at the Oriental Passion Festival ‘Raqs Royale’, Athens 2013.



And a couple pictures of Illan Riviere dancing and me playing live ‘Varanasi’ at Teatre Bartrina from Reus, Spain. Photography: Neï ‘ Mad Photographies

le petit gerhard illan riviere le petit gerhard illan riviere

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